At Clarkson University

1. PI, CPS fault-containment control for resilient PEPDS, (2022-2026). (ONR)


2. PI, Real-time Interconnection Studies and Control of New York Offshore Wind, (2020-2023). In collaboration with the New York Power Authority. (NYSERDA)

This project will evaluate the interconnection effect of offshore wind farms (9GW) on the New York State Power System (NYSPS). A real-time model of wind-farm and NYSPS will be built for the evaluation. The model will be used to analyze fault performance, transient stability, and fault ride-through of wind turbines, as well as the impact of these offshore wind farms on the New York power grid.

3. PI at Clarkson Site, Advanced Control and Management for MVDC/MVAC Integrated Power Systems, (2019-2023).

The objective of the proposed research is to develop a unified methodology for control function partitioning, determination of requirements, and evaluation of the APEMS through consolidated consideration of the power system components, the control system elements, and the communication system.

4. Co-PI, Energy Storage Peak Shaving Feasibility for Tupper Lake and Lake Placid Municipal Electric Departments, (2019-2020). (NYSERDA)

This project provides studies on the costs and benefits of battery energy storage systems (BESS) for three of New York’s Municipal Electric Departments including Municipal Electric Departments: Tupper Lake, Lake Placid, and Massena. The benefits of BESS is investigated through peak shaving and real-time market while the costs of various BESS installation are examined.

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At Florida State University

1. Co-PI, Advanced event forecasting for ship power systems, $450k for the period of 2018 - 2021. Funded by ONR. Note. This past award was not transferrable.

2. Co-PI, integration of degradation tools for power and energy management systems of ship power systems, $900k for a three-year period. Funded by ONR. This past award was not transferrable.